Monday, November 8, 2010

Sleeping Partner

Some Evidance said.. Guy talks to girl so they can sleep with them... Girl sleep with that guy so they can talk to them.. erm, the true is still unknown.. but ya, still can make people think about this statement. But remember guys, when you are sleep wif girl, they are already be in you .. and girl, if u sleep wif guy, remember that they always want again.. So, outside there.. Lets Married.. Everything will be fine. Amin.

p/s: jgn buat ppuan terluka.. and ppuan jgn wat llki terluka.. dua2 kna la sntiasa tolak ansur, tp klu dah slu sgt tu xble la.. kna gaduh jgk..hahhahaaha

1 comment:

  1. Pompuan klu da penah tido same.. Cian bakal suami klu xjd dgn budak tu..hancur hati suami...(xde dare)