Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flirting Tips For Girls.... First KISS

Ok girls this ones for you. You'll notice the signs when a guy wants to kiss you. When he hugs you he will lean in towards your face or if he asks earlier what you would say if he asked to kiss you. Now when the moment comes your gonna feel that little jump of wow whats going on? But dont worry it will all work out perfect! just let him do all the work! the first kiss should always just be a cute little peck!


  1. hanya gurauan semata-mata.. tuk pasangan yg sedang hangat bercinta lepas KAHWIN ya

  2. ayie: hurmm... napa... hahah
    alip:iyaa.. will be... yg ni baru, b4 ni ada blog jgk, tp Private yg tu..haha.. ni je ble publish